Cremation Services

Sometimes families are choosing cremation as an alternative to a burial more often than they did in the past. Some people believe that cremation offers some options that a traditional burial might not offer - flexibility in timing, format of the service, and costs. We'd like to discuss each of these options with you.

  • Timing - Cremation does offer additional time between the death and the final burial or scattering of cremated remains. But sometimes this additional time can actually prolong the grieving and create extra heartache. However, for some families, the extra time gives family members time to travel, plan services and arrange for special events.
  • Services - Cremation can occur at any point in the funeral process. Some families choose to have a full service funeral with a visitation and a church service. Other families have a public or private visitation prior to cremation. They then hold a public memorial service when it is convenient for the family. Just as with our traditional funerals, at Davis-Anderson, we work with you to create the kind of experience you would like to have.
  • Cost - The cost of a cremation, just like the cost of a burial, will vary greatly. Often cremation will provide a more economical choice compared with burial services, though some arrangements will cost the same or more than burial. Each service is unique and entails its own costs and considerations.

At Davis-Anderson, we understand the importance of gathering people together and having special times to remember and share memories. We feel that whether you choose a traditional burial or a cremation, that you make time to remember the life lived.

Please call us at (217) 854-3161, if you have any questions about cremation.